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In The Window 12 - Oliver In The Overworld - Leilani Roosman

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In The Window #12 Playlist

Gong - Wacky Baccy Banker (8:20)

Featured Artist
Leilani Roosman
       Imaginary Anne (4:17)
       Ernesto (3:04)
       I Would Go For Patience (2:43)

Miss Mousies Track Of The Week
Oomph -      Crucified

Tadpole's Feature (Oliver In The Overworld)

1. Your Oliver the Clock (1:23)
2. Dont Underestimate (1:56)
3. Undercogs Sad Song (1:32)
4. Hungry Drains (2:39)
5. Windy Bills Song (1:46)
6. The Little Girl Who Never Cried (2:51)

Long John Baldry            -      Everything Stops For Tea (3:09)
The Lancashire Hotpots  -      Mek Us A Brew (3:41)

Leilani Roosman
       Je ne sais quoi (2:52)
       Sad Lulu (3:40)
       Small Fry (3:43)

Gong - City Of Self Fascination (6:04)

Leilani Roosman's Soundcloud profile:-

I'm a newbie singer/songwriter, here to learn and to be dazzled. I'm keen to listen to almost everything here on this wondrous space. It feels a bit like being in a constantly changing, fresh and delicious all-you-can-eat buffet where I'm being offered more and yet more still. It's also a bit like being an ant (with headphones) sitting at the feet of giants.

I like to write poems about what's going on in my life. I footle around on the guitar and piano and if I'm lucky, a song makes its presence known. Sometimes I put the poem and the song together.

My thanks goes to my mentor, the big hearted musician and producer Johnny Mindlin who does quite a lot of the finer instrumentation and Cubase production on my tracks. Listen to Johnny's beautiful songs performed by cabaret rock band Wives and Servants on

Maurice from the 'soulful and definitely funky' A.Craze The Music of A. Craze introduced me to SoundCloud a few months ago and for this I am eternally grateful.

Please feel free to use any tracks. Drop me an email and I'll send it over to you. You'll find the lyrics on the individual song pages.

I'd love to collaborate with other SoundClouders too. Speaking of which...
Here's one I did with jazz musician and composer Patrick Robinson Patrick Robinson on his instrumental track Midnight Snow:
Midnight Snow ft Leilani Roosman by Patrick Robinson

Oliver In The Overworld - 1971

The Overworld is inhabited by machines. Some are very good, some are very bad and some are quite bad but they have some good points.

Some of the very good machines are, Oliver the Clock, who's only fault is his bad memory, the Clockwork King, who's King of the Overworld, the King's daughter, Princess Necessity, the Deferential Gearbox and the Undercog.

The Undercog was once a very bad machine but he went straight. Unfortunately, most machines in the Overworld still think he's bent even though he's a close friend of Oliver the Clock and Freddie. Freddie is about the best of the lot but he isn't a machine. He's got hardly any faults and he's the only human being ever to be invited to the Overworld's biggest annual celebration. Inspiration Day.

The Mighty Dictaphone is very bad indeed. He turned successfully from crime to business and is now the Overworld's richest machine. His assistant. Grim Gramophone is equally bad, having an exceptionally underhand nature.

Intermediate machines, that is to say those who are bad but have redeeming features include, High Pipe, Chief of the Hungry Drains, known for his self esteem and the Waste Disposal Unit who has only recently turned bad because he's frustrated. They'll both eat anything that's going but High Pipe always gets there first.

The Belle Telephones are bad because they'll do anything for a bob or two but all three of them sing well and are quite fanciable.

Windy Bill is an air conditioner and a prisoner of the Mighty Dictaphone. He's more good than he it bad. In fact he'd be very good if only he wasn't so scared all the time.

Our story concerns the Royal Winding Up Key. It belongs to the Clockwork King and it is with this unique royal key that he winds himself up. It is stolen by the worst-machine in the Overworld and is passed from pillar to post until it is returned to its rightful owner.

All I can say is thank goodness Freddie was in the Overworld at the time because if he wasn't, who knows? The King of the Overworld might now be the Mighty Dictaphonel

 Chief High Pipe

Oliver The Clock

The Waste Disposal Unit

Windy Bill


The Belle Telephones

The Clockwork King

MIghty Dictaphone & The Grim Gramaphones

Freddie, Oliver & the Deferential Gearbox

Where can you watch the video - you can't the tapes were wiped!


  1. Thank's for the info and photographs of 'Oliver in...' Until now I had a very vague memory of watching a strange programme involving a anthropomorthic grandfather clock and a wilf Lunn lookalike. I would have been about 4 years old and the experience obviously chimed with me because it lodged in my memory for 40 odd years! I had researche reference books about children's tv to try and piece together what this programme I know, hurah!

  2. Oops! I meant 'an' anthropomorthic grandfather clock! I must stop typing in haste!