Friday, 1 June 2012

In The Window #24 The Yoko Show

2011 - Between My Head And The Sky - Moving Mountains      2:54 
                                                                     Unon. To                  3:18
1985 - Star Peace -  Remember Raven                                        2:10
                                    Star Peace                                                    3:08
1982 - It's Alright - Spec Of Dust                                                     3:25
1981 - Season Of Glass - Dog Town                                              3:10
                                              No, No, No                                           2:40
1971- Feeling The Space - Coffin Car                                           3:28
1971 - Fly - Mind Holes                                                                     2:44
                    Midsummer New York                                                   3:45
1970 - Plastic Ono Band - Touch Me                                              4:35
1969 - Wedding Album - John & Yoko                                         22:32
2011 - Between My Head And The Sky - I'm Alive                        0:20

When I was 15 I was on a youth club camping trip to the Isle Of White and found "The Wedding Album" in a record shop I spent virtually all my spending money on it and then had to wait a week before I could play it. I could not have picked a better album not to play as it was a box set with only one record but in the box was :- a copy of the wedding certificate, a picture of a piece of wedding cake, a 'bed in' postcard, a double sided poster of wedding photographs, 2 drawings of the wedding by John and Yoko and a book of press cuttings.

From The Wedding Album

Plastic Ono Band Cover Reverse

Fly Cover Back

Season Of Glass – Cover Front

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