Friday, 27 July 2012

In The Window #26 - Crazy Old Bat

 In The Window #26  - Playlist
Crazy Old Bat

George Melly                           - (I Wanna) Hot Dog                  (3:01)
Chad Vangaalen and Xiu Xiu    - Nothing Is Impossible          (1:43)
Krokodil                                    - Talking World War Blues        (4:42)

Crazy Old Bat -
        WIth S2a (?)    - Bring Me in to Land                (5:11)
                                - Half a System                           (6:50)
        Cerealman       - Human Connection                 (5:05)

Kevin Coyne            - Marjory Razorblade                (1:46)
Tom Jones               - Bad As Me                               (3:33)

Buffo's Comedy Spot
Quentin Crisp           - An Evening With [1 of 6]      (15:46)

Dixie Chicks             - Pink Toenails                         (3:24)
Quintessence           - Ganga Mai                             (3:54)
Spirit                        - Freakout_Frog                        (1:47)

Crazy Old Bat

Quentin Crisp

I try not to do the hero thing but he was wandering around with long hair dyed scarlet and wearing sandals to show off his painted toenails in the 1930's – 19 fucking 30's when women weren't going out looking like that – now that's what I call a real man :-)

Quentin is one of the three Holy Gurus of Bearism

(see "My Religion" page link on the right)

The first Alternative Queen's Message by Quentin is at :-

The whole of "An Evening With Quentin Crisp" can be downloaded FREE at

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