Friday, 31 August 2012

ensure the safety and freedom of Rimsha

We ask you to ensure the safety and freedom of Rimsha, a mentally disabled girl jailed in Islamabad who has been accused of blasphemy, which can carry the death penalty. Please use your power to save this young girl and take immediate action to protect minorities in Pakistan.

and after doing that why not grab an earful of

Turn on . . . tune in! SpiritPlants Radio is on the air 24/7!

SpiritPlants Radio's website can be found at On this site is the current weekend schedule & links to listen live, as well as links to the station's archives, blog, forum, chat, playlists, & song history. During the weekdays you are invited to enter the (M)ystery-(F)low . . .

Welcome to Encore Weekend! (September 1-2, 2012). Featured are the 9 shows that were on in August. These shows & their DJs include:

*** Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution with DJ Soulard | Show information:
*** In the Window with DJ Frogs | Show information:
*** Binary Choice with DJ Boolean | Show information:
*** Brainsong with DJ Frogs | Show information:
*** Hi-Fi Hippie Show with the 2 Zillion-Year-Old Hippie | Show information:
*** A Psychedelic Experience with the 2 Zillion-Year-Old Hippie | Show information:
*** AlcheMinistry Labs with DJ Orpheus Stain | Show information:
*** Radiohuasca with DJ Zart | Show information:
*** Trance City with DJ Enim | Show information:

This weekend's programming continues the 2012 SpiritPlants Radio weekend schedule of new shows and featured programs. Your feedback ( will be greatly appreciated in helping to improve our station! And check out Dose One: A SpiritPlants Radio Psychedelic Sampler (!

We are always looking for new DJs to join our station (email us at

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