Saturday, 1 December 2012

In The Window - The Xmess Show - Playlist

In The Window - The Xmess Show - Playlist 

Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler   Zombie Christmas
The Springfields                               Jingle Bells
Dusty                                               Oh Holy Child
Alister Crowley                                 ?????
Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler   Jesus the Raindeer
David Bowie & Bing Crosby             Little Drummer Boy
17:Big Brother & the Holding Co        Summer Time

Uncle Buffo's Comedy Spot 
 "Did You Keep The Receipt? or Shit For Christmas"

The Beach Boys          Good Vibrations
Ray Oddis                    Happy Ghoul Tide
Ray Oddis                   Randy the Newspaper-boy
Billie Holiday            Summer Time
Kate Bush                Snowflake
Stevie Wonder         Someday at Christmas

Sorry for the lack of information but when I got to the Library I found I had not got the playlist so had to listen to the show to find out who was on it - yes I know why should you be the only ones to suffer :-)

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