Saturday, 18 May 2013


In The WIndow - 50

                Victoria            (33:15)
Side X
01    One Way Road                                (2:34)
02    Pay The Price                                  (3:50)
03    Love More Than One Man               (10:12)
Side Y
04    Now Your Gone                               (3:34)
05    The Suns A Lady                              (3:49)
06    Sweet And Bitter                              (2:44)
07    We Got Ways To Keep High            (6:32)

        Yoko Ono         (27:00)
08    I Learned To Stutter                         (6:54)
09    Approximately Infinite Universe        (3:21)
10    Open Your Box                                (6:19)
11    'I Remember Everything'                  (2:40)
12    Turned the Corner                            (2:57)
13    What a Bastard the World Is            (4:35)

Who is Victoria if you have ANY idea please email me at I have had this white label lp for around 30 years - who is she - did she make any other records?

My Exploding Head animation made using PovRay

I can not recommend the wonderful PovRay too much, for non programmers there is a steep learning curve but it comes with a very good tutorial and a VERY complete manual and needs it as it dose not work like any of the other 3D rendering software you may have tried and it's FREE. Thank you POV-Team.

Here is a pic from the PovRay hall of fame - brilliant
"Bonsai Life" by Jeremy M. Praay (2008)

And now a track from my soundcloud - if it works - All the sounds in Lady Strange are from speeches made in Parliament both the Commons and the House of Lords.    

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