Friday, 14 June 2013

In The Window - 53 - Violet Elizabeth Takes Control
In The Window - 53 - Just William 3 - playlist

1. Kevin Ayers - Guru Banana (2:50)

Kao Kazlauckas
     2. Amsterdam Window (4:25)
     3. Chase street 174 (3:34)
     4. Duvet (4:33)
     5. Peter Pan demo 1 (5:01)

6. Uncle Buffo - Just William Violet Elizabeth Takes Control (13:11)

7. The Diga Rhythm Band - Razooli (2:37)

Kao Kazlauckas
     8. Anne Frank (5:01)
     9. Everyone is born knowing how to make love (4:01)
   10. true love - demo 1 (3:10)
   11. MANTIS (3:20)
   12. Smoking bendhi through the sacred mountains of Tibet (4:21)

13. Mystical Weapons - Gilbert Releases His Pet Salamander Into The Wild (1:13)

Kao Kazlauckas

Kao Kazlauckas - Unsigned Alternative Folk singer
The solo project of folk artist Kao Kazlauckas is an invitation to reflection and well-being. Subtly, his music and velvet voice little by little takes care of your mind, leaving a peculiar sensation of comfort and lightness. Grandson of Eastern European immigrants, born in Santos and raised in Rio de Janeiro, had lived in Europe for some time, Kao brings this diversity to his compositions, which sets to the project out of the ordinary, and generate a curiosity about the creative process behind the melodies and chords carefully crafted.

Making the recordings at home, Kao has been releasing one song per week to meet the numerous requests received on his Soundcloud page, coming from people who, like me, were intrigued and eager to hear more of his work that although presented (still) in demo version is very authentic and inspiring.

Influences:Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, Devendra Banhart, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, George Harrison, Caetano Veloso, The Beatles, James Taylor, America, Chicago, Beck.

Braulio Almeida is helping Kao to record his first album, and  Kao is looking for a label to release that album next year.

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