Thursday, 27 November 2014

In The Window - 106 - Playlist

In The Window - 106 - Gong Trilogy 2

This weeks show continues Zero's adventures with the pot head pixies started in show #105.

The story so far :-  A pig-farming Egyptologist called Mista T Being is sold a "magick ear ring" by an "antique teapot street vendor & tea label collector" called Fred the Fish. The ear ring is capable of receiving messages from the Planet Gong via a pirate radio station called Radio Gnome Invisible. Being and Fish head off to the hymnalayas of Tibet (sic) where they meet the "great beer yogi" Banana Ananda in a cave. Ananda tends to chant "Banana Nirvana Mañana" a lot and gets drunk on Foster's Australian Lager.  Meanwhile, the mythology's central character, Zero the Hero, is going about his everyday life when he suddenly has a vision in Charing Cross Road. He is compelled to seek heroes and starts worshipping the Cock Pot Pixie, one of a number of Pot Head Pixies from the Planet Gong. These pixies are green with propellers on their heads, and they fly around in teapots.  Zero is soon distracted by a cat which he offers his fish and chips to. The cat is actually the Good Witch Yoni, who gives Zero a potion.  Zero falling to sleep under the influences of the potion and finding himself floating through space. After accidentally scaring a space pilot called Captain Capricorn, Zero locates the Planet Gong, and spends some time with a prostitute who introduces him to the moon goddess Selene.

The story continues :-

    2A-6 Selene (3:38)
    2B-1 Flute Salad (2:08)
    2B-2 Oily Way (3:37)
    2B-3 Outer Temple (1:08)
    2B-4 Inner Temple (3:20)
    2B-6 Love is How U Make It (3:24)
    2B-7 I Niver Glid Before (5:39)
    2B-8 Eat That Phone Book Coda (3:08)
    2B-9 Ooby-Scooby Doomsday or The D-day DJ's Got the D.D.T. Blues (5:04)
    3-03 Magick Mother Invocation (2:06)
    3-04 Master Builder (6:05)
    3-01 Thought for Naught (1:33)
    3-02 A PHPs Advice (1:47)
    3-05 A Sprinkling of Clouds (8:56)
    3-06 Perfect Mistery (2:27)

    Scott Walker - Face On Breast (5:15)

I Never Glid Before - (Live 1973)

Witch's Song, I Am Your Pussy - (Live 1973)

You & Angel's Egg Medley - São Paulo - 24th May 2013

Scott Walker
Documentary - BBC Late Show 1995

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