Saturday, 24 February 2018

In The Window 216 - Playlist

In The Window 216 - Glass Top Coffin

Ramases - Glass Top Coffin (1975)

01. Golden Landing (06:36)
02. Long Long Time (05:26)
03. Now Mona Lisa (03:01)
04. God Voice (03:39)
05. Mind Island (04:53)
06. Only The Loneliest Feeling (03:23)
07. Sweet Reason (05:57)
08. Stepping Stones (04:35)
09. Saler Man (05:14)
10. Children Of The Green Earth (03:37)
11. Glass Top Coffin (04:26)
12. Golden Landing (Part II) (01:54)

13. This Was The World (2:48)
14. Gold Is The Ring (4:29)  

Ramases's second album Glass Top Coffin was recorded at Phonogram Studios in 1975 in London, but Ramases was unhappy with the strings and chorus which were added post-production without his permission, and he was unhappy with the cover.  The album did not sell well. Ramases and Selket left London and returned to the country of Felixstowe Ferry.  A third album, to be titled Sky Lark or The Sky Lark got as far as cassette demos, but Ramases became increasingly despondent and on 2 December 1976 he took his own life.  His death was not widely reported in musical circles until the early 1990s, and by then much of the Ramases history including the Sky Lark demos had been burned by Selket's jealous second husband.

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