Friday, 16 September 2011

Bllod on the Frog

In The Window 007 - 15/10/11

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Mr Fist     blood on the frog

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For the past 30 years, in its various manifestations, Blood 'n' Tongue has been seeking to explore a variety of musical and sonic avenues. This has involved crossing and mixing genres with as much disregard for convention and tradition as possible. For some, this may present problems since the material here simply doesn't fit neatly into any one category. Some may come here because they liked some catchy little dance number posted in a group and then find all sorts of atonal weirdness or, gasp, "country" influenced acoustic music sitting next to an extended "dub" mix. Don't look for easy answers. There are none. Just try to open yourself up to the possibilities afforded when one throws aside "style" straight jackets and just has fun with sound and music, whatever it's form.

Mousies Track Of The Week
Eisbrecher      Fanatica

Tadpole's Feature (Comic Songs)

Lorraine Bowen Experience  - Ecstasy                                                      (2:38)
Kate Bosh                               - Amazing                                                    (2:44)
Bernard Breslaw                     - You Need Feet                                         (2:44)
Alma Cogan                            - Never Do A Tango With An Eskim         (2:12)
Spencer Brown                       - Mechanical Fuck Beast                           (4:20)
Tim Minchen                           - If Not You                                                  (5:05)
The Lorraine Bowen Experience

Hayseed Dixie                                  - Tolerance (2:35)
The Monks                                        - Oh, How to Do Now (3:17)
The Mops                                         - White Rabbit (2:47)
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band           - Unon. To (3:18)

The Mops

 The cover of Black Monk Time

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