Friday, 23 September 2011

In The Window 8

In The Window 008

The Glitterhouse       - Tinkerbell's Mind (4:44)

Featured Artist 1

          Buffalo Skies (extended mix) (5:45)
          Goths & Superstars (4:41)
          Broken Jack (5:36)
          Nasty Girl (5:19)


Mousies Track Of The Week

White Zombie    - More Human Than Human  from Past, Present & Future 2003           (4:29)

Tadpole's Feature (Punk)

X-Ray Specs                      - The Day The Would Turned Dayglo      (2:51)
Cock Sparrer                     - Argy Bargy                                               (2:35)
Johnny Moped                  - Incendiary Device                                   (2:03)
Morgans                             - Atishoo                                                     (2:48)
Patrick Fitzgerald             - Safty Pin Stuck In My Heart                     (2:35)
Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Up Yer Bum                                    (2:02)
The Electric Chairs          - Eddie and Sheena                                   (3:39)
TV Smith                             - Expensive Being Poor                            (3:12)
X-Ray Specs                      - I Am A Poseur                                         (2:33)

Pearls Before Swine - (Oh Dear) Miss Morse

 Indigolab's soundcloud profile

My life pretty much rotates around my eclectic taste in music, be it listening or creating...
I channel my passion into my production work, with my main project being Indigolab. A musical collective which mixes elements of folktronica, ambient dub, electro and floorshaking heavy beats.
Members of the collective include the lush jazzy tones of Zoe Tebbutt, the sharp tongued lyrical rapping of Mike Johnson, the many voices of actor Albie Leigh and of course me, Tom Moore playing acoustic guitars, basses, synths, samplers, live percussion and doing all production work.

Side projects include  :-

           TC Moocher - live impromptu acoustic bluesy folk jams with my brother Chris.

             Morphin - my alias from around 1996 through to 2006 mostly making drum n' bass and electronica, collaborating with a number of rappers and MCs.

          Zoe Tebbutt - Indigolab vocalist Zoe Tebbett's solo folky bluesy, pop-rock stuff, which I produced - Zoe is currently seeking suitable musicians for her live act, so let me know if you're local, what you play and your influences and I'll let you know if you fit the bill of what she is looking for..

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