Friday, 14 October 2011

Inconsiderate Parking

In The Window #10 Playlist

Featured Artist 1
Inconsiderate Parking
       1. Fingerless Gloves MASTER         (3:13)
       2. Sound Of Fire MASTER               (4:38)
       3. Chavs MASTER                           (2:49)
       4. People Like You                          (7:28)
       5. YES                                             (4:06)
       6. Hey Where Did You Go?             (3:31)
       7. Locked Out (Again)                      (4:29)
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Miss Mousies Track Of The Week

Skold Vs. KMFDM      -      Love Is Like   (4:04)

Gwyneth Herbert -      My Narrow Man (3:37)

Tadpole's Feature (Children's)

       1. duno                      -      Animals Poo               (2:06)
       2. Bill And Ben            -      Nuts                          (3:28)
       3. bigj                         -      Little Red Caboose     (2:59)
       4. The Chipmunks      -      Ragtime Cowboy Joe  (2:09)

First Aid Kit          -      A Window Opens        (4:21)
Eddie Vedder       Dream A Little Dream         (1:30)


From the bands soundcloud profile:- 
One of the best three-piece, teenage, melodica+uke+guitar, busking/gigging, acoustic/alt/punk/ska/gypsy/pop/folk/prog/experimental/reggae bands in East Cardiff.

We're putting all our songs, rough or 'well' recorded on here. Whether you like it or not. In fact, we will persist to upload songs that you hate in the desperate hope that you might never visit this page again... please.
We play plenty of gigs across Cardiff and are very experienced live performers despite our average age of 16.
Our songs question deep philosophical theories and the meaning of life itself. Many of our lyrics also reflect historical and political aspects of this world including the controversial mocking of Stalinist ideology and Communist rule in Soviet Russia in the 20th century.

In fact, Locked Out (again...) sounds like the typical Shakespearian take on the tragic hero of literature, and a frustrating tale in which the protagonist has not had his keys for a long time, and his parents should know this but they neglect to inform him of their whereabouts when he is unfortunately aware that he is 'Locked Out' of his homely domain and then a tragic sequence of events unfolds in which he stumbles across a couple of friendly drunks and his choice of brightly coloured soprano instrument is severely ridiculed, sending him into an even deeper pit of adolescent despair.

However, this tale is a cunning play upon the works of Vsevolod Emilevich Meyerhold and is not quite as it seems. The more in-tune of listeners would find this rather thought-provoking.

Find all this out and more, by simply taking a cheeky listen.

Oh yeah, we've played in The Royal Albert Hall too, which was fun.


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