Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Better late than never

In The Window #16 Playlist

Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet - Temple Song (9:04)

Featured Artist 1
1. GoofBall (Gosh) - hopeless (2:04)
2. Let It Think - just-the-leaves (4:07) 

The Lancashire Hotpots - Cottaging (1:55)
Harry and the Potters - Harry Potter (1:24)

Miss Mousies Track Of The Week
Combichrist - they (Making Monsters) (6:20)

Festus - Nothing But A Mule (2:29)

Uncle Buffo's Comedy Spot
The Glums - Am Dram (6:07)

John Prine - Illegal Smile (3:19)

Featured Artist 2
3. Gosh – Love Poem (2:09)
4. Gosh - Rainbows (2:33)

Hank Williams III - With the Ship (6:52)
Tom Waits - Hell Broke Luce (3:57)
Moondog - On And Off The Beat (1:32)


Our name is Gosh. I (Clancy Gill) and Kim O'Connor contacted each other on soundcloud in April 2011, and we first wrote "Love Poem" through emails. She then flew from Brooklyn to Laramie, Wyoming in June and we recorded about 7 songs in a week. Her husband (Joe O'Connor) and my bandmate (Keaton Elsasser) are both producers and musicians themselves, so they are apart of the project as well. So in essence it is me, Keaton, and the O'Connors. We have made songs here and there, but the core set of the songs we recorded with Kim will be made into an album which will hopefully be released by Xmas.

Gosh are :-
Clancy Gill - guitars, vocals, synth
Kim O'Connor - guitars, omnichord, mandolin, vocals
Keaton Elsasser - producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, drums
Joe O'Connor - guitars, vocals, bass, producer

facebook :-

Videos :-
Here is a video of TigerPaint that is on facebook, you may have to log on.....

And a video of "luckymoon" on youtube........

Solo Projects
Clancy Gill...... http://soundcloud.com/goofball
Keaton and I's band......http://soundcloud.com/thehex
Kim's stuff.....http://soundcloud.com/kimminy
Joe's stuff.....http://soundcloud.com/letitthink

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