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In The Window - Playlist January 28th

In The Window - Playlist January 28th

Sammee - Had to puke (3:22)
Rebekah Vinelli - Ravens Love To Sing (4:11)
Carolyn Burnett Collab 80s-Barclaybunch (2:47)

Tadpole's Feature (Remakes) (39:22)
1. David (Jones) Bowie - Dig Everything (2:48)
2. David Bowie - I Dig Everything (4:52)
3. The Kinks - You Really Got Me (2:18)
4. Ray Davies & Metallica - 05 You Really Got Me (2:17)
5. Hayseed Dixie - 02 Bohemian Rhapsody (3:40)
6. Bad News - Bohemian Rapsidy (3:38)
7. William Shatner - Bohemian Rhapsody (feat. John Wetton) (5:39)
8. Dusty Springfield - Take Another Piece Of My Heart (2:38)
9. Nancy Sinatra - Bang, Bang (2:41)
10. The White Stripes - Jolene (3:55)
11. Gwyneth Herbert - Rock n' Roll Suicide (3:40)

Kelly Montoya - I don't know what it means to be a wizard (3:21)
Origami Horses - Love as a N Death (1:59)


Live the love, love the life!
Enjoy what you're doing!
Share pleasure with the world!
You never know when its all over!
-life is to short to hold grudges-
♫ Music Música Musica Musique Muzyka
Sakkyoku Hudba Zenei Muzică музыка ♪
Mr. Sammee Owls, born in 1981, started musics in winter 2008, after crawling through the lands system in chance and hope of finding something he wants to do with his life. Slightly neurotic and disoriented he often dropped on the knees begging the lord to shove him on the right way. A rough time later he met a dude called QuestionMark, who took the lords place by showing Sammee how to rap and style. Born with a talent in using words and voice Sammee recognized that singing/MCing is his thing. So after a small training course in things of Flow and Freshnezz he created some Hiphop pieces with noted friend and others, and named himself Sam Mosley. But he wasnt that life hungry and got bored to quick. So he quit doing it!

After a time of depressions in self ignoring/hating kind, he gained non-pharmaceutical success in fighting himself out of the misery, he saved an amount of money, bought himself some equipment and a DAW, trained his english skills and began to create small electrified music tracks in his small hideout in Eastfrisia/Aurich, well missing the use of his voice. All by himself and with more or less kindly advises (more asskicks) by the InternetUnity he showed effort to reach some skills in mastering/mixing in the "Trial & Error"-way. And whats hard for a long time will be good at the end, some say.

Now its 2012. Sammee will do serious and senseful music, no matter if its Electro, Pop, Hiphop or what else. And even if it gets hard and rough, that has no blocking effects to him. After years of falling down and standing up, failing is no match to him anymore. Its more an exercise. He will do his best to have fun with music, joy in life, and kicking shit out of the speakers, nevertheless!

 Kelly Montoya

 kelly, 18 year old new yorker.  ukulele enthusiast.  

Origami Horses

Canterbury Kent UK bases 2 piece Alt Rock Noise Pranksters
John - Guitar Vocals . drums
George - Bass Vocals , drums

Jan 2012 - Sadly our regular drummer Mary Callan has gone back to her native Dublin to do what she really wants to do - horticulture . Plants over music . We wish her well . We carry on as a 2 piece , drumming ourselves or using high profile guests drummers ( Hi Dave ! ) or even the odd sample . Thanks to Ella for supplying some keyboards / samples from time to time .

Velvet Underground , Pavement .Veronica Falls, Ringo Deathstarr , Wye Oak , Warpaint , A Perfect Circle , Sebadoh ,Girls. Low , White Denim , Flaming Lips ,Feist. Sleater-Kinney , Woods ,Fiery Furnaces ,Neil Young , Pixies , Scientist ,Husker Du , Joy Division , Bob Dylan , Kraftwerk ,Beatles,Lanterns On The Lake , Sonic Youth,King Tubby, Liars, Sly Stone and loads more...

Carolyn Burnett (sorry couldn't find her)

Rebekah Vinelli

"Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. What one thinks of themselves, that is which determines, or rather indicates, ones fate" - Henry David Thoreau- Slightly altered by me as one originally was "he", but sshhhh, don't say a word, secretly women also like to determine their fate ;)

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