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In The Window - 100 - Playlist

In The Window - 100

Fish Police :- 
"Japanese Girl" / "Chicken Nuggets"

Fairport Convention :- Liege & Lief (1969)
"Come All Ye" (Sandy Denny, Ashley Hutchings) – 4:55 
"Reynardine" (traditional, arranged by Fairport) – 4:33 
"Matty Groves" (trad., arr. Fairport) – 8:08 
"Farewell, Farewell" (Richard Thompson) – 2:38
"The Deserter" (trad., arr. Fairport) – 4:10 
Medley (trad., arr. Dave Swarbrick) – 4:00 
"The Lark in the Morning"
"Rakish Paddy"
"Foxhunters' Jig"
"Toss the Feathers"
"Tam Lin" (trad., arr. Swarbrick) – 7:20 
"Crazy Man Michael" (Thompson, Swarbrick) – 4:35

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1968) :-
"Rest Cure"  –  2:48
"Child Of My Kingdom"  – 7:02

Fish Police

The Fish Police were the first band on the first show and so I start show 100 with them see them at :-

"Japanese Girl"

Live at the Decibel Arts Showcase September 2009

Fairport Convention
"Farewell, Farewell" a new arrangement. Denmark, Odense 2014 March 28th.

Sandy Denny (1975)the only known professionally filmed Sandy Denny footage with Fairport Convention

with Robert Plant - "The Battle Of Evermore"
Robert Plant and Kristina Donahue guest with Fairport Convention to perform Led Zeppelin's "The Battle Of Evermore" at Cropredy 2008.  This was played as tribute to Sandy Denny on the 30th Anniversary of her death

Fairport At Rockpalast 1976 (52:00)
The tracks are:
01. Introduction 
02. come and Get It
03. The Limey's Lament
04. Sir B. McKenzie
05. Dan's Acoustic Thing
06. When First Into This Country
07. Our Band
08. Lay Me DOwn Easy
09. Cropredy Capers
10. Dirty Linen
11. Our Band
12. Closing

The lineup for this version of Fairport Convention  :- :Dave Swarbrick: vocals, violin, mandolin, autoharp  :Dave Pegg: bass, mandolin, vocals  :Bruce Rowland: drums  :Dan Ar Braz: guitars, vocals  :Roger Burridge: violin, mandolin  :Bob Brady: piano, vocals

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

"Nightmare - 1968" -  (From Peter Sykes' 1968 head-trip film "The Committee") And my personal favorite Brown footage :-)

"Fire" - on TOTP 1968

"I Put A Spell On You" / "Spontaneous Apple Creation" @ Zu 13/03/2013

"The Unknown" (2014)

I decided to shave off the beard to see what was underneath and you can see why I am growing it back as fast as possible

So if you have been then thanks for listening, and I hope you will - turn on and tune in - for the next hundred shows.

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