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In The Window - 98 - Playlist

In The Window - 98
Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs Murphy's Ovaltine

01 Harry "The Hipster" Gibson - Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine? (3:05) 
02 Space - She's in Love with the Boy in a Bodybag (3:15)
TS Silver :-   03 Infinite Mooses - Galaxy Dude theme (1:25)
                     04 Woodhead - Normal advice for people who are not normal (2:16)
                     05 Infinite Mooses - RelationShits (0:56)
                    06 The 74s - Hypnodius (3:16)
07 The Unthanks - Monkey Dung Man (2:06)
08 Hatfield and the North - The Lonely Bubbling Song (1:19)
09 Mother Gong - I am a tree (4:41)
10 Reverend Moon - Satan, Hear My Song (2:35)
11 Gemma Ray - The Wheel (3:40)
12 Frank Gorshin - The Riddler (2:11)
13 This Way to the Egress - Pound Yer Bones (4:12)
14 Nordglanz - Der schwarzen Sonne zugewandt (3:59)
15 Wednesday 13 - Morgue Than Words (Acoustic) (2:58)
16 Wednesday 13 - Scary Song (Acoustic) (2:50)
17 Sia Tolno - African Police (3:51)
18 The Velopheliacs - When the Strange Bird Sings (3:19)
19 The Death Folk - Amsterdam (4:22)
20 Delia Derbyshire - Deria's Dream In Colour (0:40)

TS Silver
TS or to my comrads I am known as Letters Silver.
I am a film student in Sheffield, England. I am an improv comedian, now I am really getting into creating music. Philosophically I am trying to live in as many ways that make me feel free as humanly possible... though I doubt I am human.
"I just might, be a dust mite"
"A human lacking... not missing"
"Open your brain windows"
"Awaiting bionic hordes, negating ionic swords"
" I don't get a rest at all, I'm at a festival! and best of all, I don't have a test for y'all."
With help from my friends we make what some may consider music...
Ariel Faye: Guitarist, Vocalist 
Joe Woodhead: Filmmaker, Dreamweaver
Jono Factoid: Doctor
and RC: Love Magician
TS and Ariel Faye
A T.Rex spies a brontosaurus that she recognizes...       "I've seen herbivore"

T.S. Silver (infinite mooses) :-

Harry "The Hipster" Gibson

"Handsome Harry The Hipster"

"Piano Boogie Jump"

"She's in Love With a Boy in a Body Bag" - live Liverpool O2 Academy 21-12-12

 "Sunny Afternoon" with Tom Jones

The Unthanks
Tom Waits "No One Knows I`m Gone"

Hatfield and the North
with Robert Wyatt

Going For A Song / Halfway Between Heaven & Earth (Live, 1990)

Reverend Moon
"Old Graves"

Gemma Ray
"Death Roll"

"How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?" (with Sparks)

Frank Gorshin

As The Riddler in the 1960's TV Batman

Riddler's dance

And in Star Trek TOS S3 E15 "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"

This Way to the Egress

"Pound your Bones"

"This Way To The Egress" at Spitfire Saloon

Sia Tolno

"Odju Watcha"

Delia Derbyshire
"Sculptress of Sound" (documentary)
Part 1

Part 2

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