Friday, 15 April 2011

The Fish Police

The first of my shows went out at the weekend and the 'controller' says "I've been hearing some good feedback from people who've had a chance to listen to your show", I was expecting stunned silence and then a cancellation notice.

Been looking at my fellow bloggers and I’m the only one to mention “The Fish Police” under favorite music so I will squeeze them into the show somewhere.  Don’t bother to google I tried and got 10000 results not one mentioning “The Fish Police” instead go to

The Fish Police at Ouch!

I have searched with "Fish Police" and have now found &

Haven’t had a lucid dream for months but finally went lucid last night - a nightmare so scary I was going to wake up but went lucid instead - v. interesting plenty of monsters - but all female for some reason lol

I did go lucid a few days ago but it was a dream i.e. I dreamt I was dreaming and in the dream I dreamt I was dreaming I went lucid - off to take an aspirin

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  1. The Fish Police have a new album coming out on October 26th - you can pre-order here