Friday, 27 May 2011

Sit down

I don't know how to tell you this, are you sitting? OK here goes - I heard on the radio news that - Bob Dylan used to take drugs YES Dylan - it's always the ones you least expect - the quite ones - well who would have guessed?

The new show goes out this weekend featuring The Fish Police see previous blog and Tomo Amok Rock you can here and download the tracks from the show and LOADS more at
he realy is prolific. He says on his profile :-
"Good Day I'm ALCOHOL. I live in Bosnia &Herzegowina (Balkan);-). My name is Tomislav Cavar. I play guitar. Thanks for all comments and for listening my music.
as you can tell English may not be his first language.

I'll leave you with my 2 favorite pics from my favorite artist Mati Klarwein

Mati Klarwein Astral Body Awake

Mati Klarwein Astral Body Asleep

Opp's forgot the radio link -

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