Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Your Blogger is an idiot

Your Blogger is an idiot, I saw a Melanie cd in the Library's music dept and thought oh I haven't heard her for years so borrowed the cd and when I got home I found it was Mel C!

Ah well the other 2 cd's wasn't a disappointment Leonard Cohen - “Live In London” over two and a half hours although the sleeve note's (do cd's have sleeve notes?) says the gig was 3 hours long and makes special mention of 4 tracks but 1 of them “A Thousand Kisses Deep” isn't on the cd's :-(

The other was Hayseed Dixie - “Killer Grass”. The cd comes with a bonus dvd with 6 music and 5 'instructional' videos “How To Play Rockgrass Music”, “How To Hide A Body”, “How To Find The Real Agenda Of A Political Party”, “How To Play Duelling Banjo's With A Darbucka” and “A Truly Effective Condom Advertisement”

The DVD also contains all of the actual original multi-track audio files for the album as separate wav files so you can re-mix the album in fact if you want to hear the song “Love Cabin,” you have to mix it yourself. It’s not on the audio CD, the band says “As far as we are aware, no no other band in history has ever done something like this”. I think they are probably right. I don't know how well known they are, I only heard of Adele 3 weeks ago and then only because the BBC's main speech station Radio 4 did a 15 minute biography on her.

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