Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fairy tale wedding BLAH

The controller says I must update my blog but as I have not internet connection at home and we had this wedding plus all the standard bank holidays this is my first chance to get on line.

I walked all the way into the town centre  as I need the exercise, got to the library at 11:45 to find it isn't open until 1:00 - I'm sure they used to open at midday, so I've been sat in the sun waiting and am now feeling dizzy and have spots before my eyes.

Not much - or come to that anything more I can say about the playlist as it's a continuation of the last show but I am trying to sneak in some real music for you good peep's.

So as I can't listen to  I spent the last couple of days listening to "stuff you should know" so can now perform a circumcision, know how the hells angels are organized, how to alter gene function by diet, how the Muppet's work ......

Hopefully I be over this mild sunstroke and give you a coherent blog soon

love&peas Frogs

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