Saturday, 11 February 2012

In The Window #17 - ^Tek Yon

In The Window #17- Playlist

Dusty Springfield      - Doddlin' (2:38)
Dusty Springfield      - Sandra (4:23)

Featured Artist
^Tek Yon
          1. Do                                                          (4:30)
          2. Prayer Is Better Than Sleep                (3:32)

Miss Mousies Track Of The Week

Combichrist      - Never Surrender        4:48

Hank (Williams) 3       -  musta been them pills i took (2:44)
Tina C.                         -  Before I Met You (2:09)

Uncle Buffo's Comedy Spot

The Now Show           - TrainJouney                         4:42
?                                    Quincy1                                  3:34
?                                    Baa Trek                                 1:54
?                                    Little Girl                                 1:36
?                                    WizardOfOz                           5:50

Featured Artist
^Tek Yon
          3. Office Hotel                                           (5:30)
          4. Big City Chill                                          (4:15)

Blossom Dearie         - Rhode Island Is Famous For You (2:13)

^Tek Yon

Tek Yon means 'One Way Street' in Turkish. Behind this name is me, Carina Traberg.
I am a Danish female artist and musician making tracks mostly with Logic, Machinedrum, Blofeld and a sampler.
All my music is free, so download all you like.
Thanks for listening.
New Soundcloud channel with only Goa tracks: Tek Yon In Goa

facebook :-
 youtube :-

 Uncle Buffo's Comedy Spot
 The last 4 pieces are off air recordings and I can't remember which shows they came from, you kniow what 'they' say about the 3 signs of old age 1) your eyesight begins to fail 2) the memory fails  3) er.. can't remember the third one.

Found these for downloading at

There are lots more well worth a look

Here are a four of mine

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