Friday, 29 July 2011

In The Window 4

In The Window 004 – 30/07/2011


Featured Artist
Ellie makes music
1. The Fool (5:06)
2. Other Voices Other Rooms (4:00)
3. Let Me Go (4:05)
4. Nobody Needs To Know (4:04)

Miss Mousies Track Of The Week

KMFDM - Search_&_Destroy

Tadpole's Feature (Native American)

1. Burning Sky - Native Funk (4:14)
2. Cornel Pewewardy - Kiowa Hymn (2:20)
3. Black Lodge Singers - Mickey Mouse (3:49)
4. Joanne Shenandoah - Tekanatsyaslitha (3:58)
5. Without Rezervation - Are You Ready For WOR (3:48)

Featured Artist

Ellie makes music
5. Peter (3:38)
6. Never Mind (3:30)
7. Secrets (4:44)
8. Dust (4:10)
9. Calm Before The Storm (2:49)

elliemakesmusic :- Ellie James, Cardiff, Britain (UK)

A 17 years old singer-songwriter from Cardiff. She's been playing guitar for around 6/7 years and played the Swan Festival a few years back as her first gig. There are a lot more tracks at her soundcloud and videos at youtube.

And see her live August 2nd @ Ten Feet Tall - Lucy Rose, supported by Miss Maud's Folly and Ellie Makes Music! (I assume this is in the Cardiff area)


Friday, 22 July 2011

Brainsong 7

Well it's another Brainsong show so not much to say about it - I still have'nt found a useable description - so here's some of my povray pics
this is called Earth2 but is realy the Mars ladscape in negative

The opening frame of a possible Brainsong animation

Mushrooms in a fractal landscape

macroTest END1

Star 2

And some of my favorite's from Fractint

Love&peas till next week Frogs

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Rafajafar & Raine Carosin

In The Window 003 – 09/07/11

Featured Artist 1
1. bowbowbow (3:48)
2. flight of the wicked bird (3:32)
3. funky taco (4:02)
4. taste the rain box (3:46)

Soundcloud :

Mousies Track Of The Week
KMFDM - Megalomaniac (6:12)

Tadpole's Feature (Klezma)
Klezmatics - Honikzaft 4:18
Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korolenko Oy - Rakhmones Ain Tayvl 5:38
Oi Va Voi - Yuri 4:32
Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Sadagera Hot Dub 5:12

Featured Artist 2
Raine Carosin
1. perfidious train tripping (4:59)
2. The Cockroach Song (2:29)

Other links

Raine Carosin's Soundcloud Profile

Music is my second love, my first being art (painting, etc.) I have a few paintings on the net at

You're welcome to browse my name, Raine Carosin, for all my goodies on the net. Otherwise, with regards to music, I had guitar lessons for a year (12 years old), and then I just learned from other musicians throughout my meanderings. Of course, I didn't apply myself 100%, and now that I am middle-aged, I have procured as much material for learning as possible, but find that with the beginnings of arthiritis and a taste of senility, (and that my youthful stamina is abating) I can only learn slowly. However, there are backtracks and karaoke nowadays that do the trick when I am unable to accompany myself with the guitar. I have a keyboard (Korg is50) and a few computer programmes, which I am also learning to use, but slowly. I wanted to be famous but failed miserably due to unforseen circumstances. (I suffered a head injury in 1981/2 and was diagnosed as schizophrenic in 1985).

Now, with the internet and sites like these - although I must say, I haven't come across another wonderful site like this ever! - my dreams have come true to a degree that I am more than satisfied with. I'm too wheezy to cavort on a stage, so working from home suits me down to the ground. It's just me and the machines and the guitars and the trees, and the cat. (UPDATE: The cat has moved to her new home.) Hubby watches with one ear. This, for me, is like the Woodstock for the net. I hope that my old songs will become modernised so that all those hours I spent writing and remembering them won't be lost forever. You're welcome to contact me if you wish to collaborate. I have tons of poetry just waiting for melodies, and I can spin a poetic yarn within a day on a chosen subject, as long as I am able to ask questions.

Enough about me. And you...? You don't know how happy I get everytime I check my statistics and realise that I have played for another person somewhere in the world, and receive your welcome comments. Even though the stage is all in my head, it's still a great feeling. Thank You. (I haven't given up my day job...) And, also remember, that my music is written for every cell of creation, so boogie, woogie and play on... it is after all, the food of Love... use it, blues it, muse it...

PS If you get "muted" by me, I can assure you that it is just because I don't know how to control my mouse when it is dirty, or, I've become intimidated by the machines, again...!!!!! Remember, I'm still new to all this... and, because there are so many different languages and we don't see each other's gestures and faces, there may be misunderstandings, but - no fear - i sometimes put my foot in it, but i mean well... just emotional and moody at times... (4th Dec 2010: Dear Jacques Buvat has uploaded my first collaboration of "I Wanna Take You Forgranted" - I'm so excited I can't find the Earth beneath my feet!!!!)

LATEST NEWS: Got airtime play on a local radio station called RADIO MIDRAND 93-8fm ... (there is live-streaming on the net...!)
MORE NEWS (18/3/11): joined headliner fm. seems like a great idea... hit a dry spot with writing and music, can you believe it? methinks it was all those trips to the dentist... hopefully after this pain has abated, i can feel better to write and sing again... it's not that i hate dentists, but i'm not fond of visiting their places... LOL!!!! Now i'm just holding on to the faculteeth I have left....!!!! hahahha!!!
AND MORE NEWS (18/4/11): went to watch MEL BOTES' DAVID'S CONFESSION and it was stunning. You can look him up on the web and the album is downloadable FOR FREE...
BREAKING NEWS: GOING FOR A SONG = My first lyrics and backing for sale (17 May 2011): The truth about secrets - Collaboration: Vortexia/Raine Carosin by Vortexia