Monday, 23 December 2013

BrainSong Day 2013

The BrainSong
26th December 2013 - 
starting at 00:00 GMT
The “BrainSong” is a 24 hour long – what? - It's hard to know how to describe the work – an 'Internal Soundscape', a 'Stream of Psychedelic Vocalization' – I have settled on 'a Sound Work' This is it's first complete broadcast, a version was broadcast on as 24 1 hour long programmes, starting in March 2011 and ending in November 2012 but forcing it into this format meant that there was around 2 hours cut from the entire run.

It was started around 2000 and took two and a half years to complete. There are over 1700 Samples lasting from 1 second to 1 minute 30 seconds with an average length of 5 seconds, they are compsed of much Psychedelic madness from the Cosmos OR (Astral+[SpaceTime]) { Leary & Ginsberg reconstructed from the A.F.P. (AualFootPrints) }, the BOOSH, the PowerPuffs and thus "the evil" HIM, a naked civil servant and his evil twin uncle OTO, "in the medicine chest", "In Our Time", Radio Schools Programs, and not forgetting the SUDO-RANDOM WHISPERS of CONNECTEDNESS.........

It was written from remembrances of the last tab I saw 16 years ago on Feb 1996

To make them easier to find I divided them into 57 Subjects from “angels” to “worry”. These samples can be downloaded from

The entire piece can be downloaded at

The BRAIN song was intended to be 8 hours long but when it was first put together it was 15 minuets too long, and has now become 24 hours long. 


{the time I put in compared to the length of sound I get out} 
 Sensors show a large Time Compression Error between - 

(Time_IN) & (Time_OUT)

 (input = 1920 Seconds) (output = 6.3 Seconds ) DIFF = 304.8

That's 5 H.P.S. (hours per second) - I hope time is infinite if I'm using it at that rate, BUT even if it is AM I ?. Say I'm 65 at my death, that leaves 20 years, then the BRAIN SONG could be 3.2 years long if I work one night per week for the rest of my life.

The above Warp Factor (WF) was on the old 486, I don't know if the WF has changed with the new machine, there are a lot more effects in the new Gold Wave which would lengthen the WF, but it all happens so much faster I don't have time to sit around and work out the new WF but I can play a lot more games so while WF may be shorter my Down Time is greater.

At present I'm working on a video to accompany the BrainSong audio, as I'm producing little more that 10 minutes a month it won't be ready by December or even this decade in fact at that rate even this century – 2028 is the expected release date maybe on my 72nd birthday. As the previous generation of men in my family didn't make it much past 60 and I'm 56 that might be a tad optimistic. I had hoped to have around 3 hours done for the broadcast but my computer expired at the beginning of the month so I may have very little to post.

Some Frames from the video


And a merry Christ-mess to you all

And what would christmess be with out a bit of commercialism?
If you won't copies of the audio let me know, I can give you the address of a great crisis center, or if you are really and truly mad then you can get a limited edition of all eight cd's in a unique, distinctive and exclusively hand sown tapestry case for the sum of £737.65. Can you afford to miss out on this collectors item it's defiantly an antique of the future. And for only £157.38 you can get the extended warranty which entitles you to any further BR/\1N releases for the next 3 years, PLUS scratched cd's will be replaced for just the cost of the postage (plus £26.83 handling charge)

Friday, 13 December 2013

In The Window - The Xmess Show

In The Window - 72 - Xmess Show

01. Arrogant Worms  -  Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass (1:22)
02. Jethro Tull - Fire At Midnight (2:26)
03. Carole King - Chanukah Prayer (3:09)
04. Goodbye Leopold -  Backwards Carols (3:14)
05. Arrogant Worms - Things Are Looking Bad For Santa (2:24)
06. Bob Dylan - Silver Bells (2:35)
07. The Springfields - 12 days of Christmas (3:21)
08. Alistar Beaton - Away In A Manger (2:08)
09. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Frosty The Snowman (3:41)
10. Ella Fitzgerald - What You Doing New Years Eve (3:31)
11. Sensational Alex Harvey Band - There's No Light On The Christmas Tree (3:45)
12. Bob Dylan - Winter Wonderland (1:53)
13. Danielle Dax - Blue Christmas (1:37)
14. Tom Lehrer - A Christmas Carol (2:05)
15. Yellowman - Where Is Santa Clause With Mrs. Yellowman (4:04)
16. Arrogant Worms - Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day (2:02)
17. Carole King - Carol Of The Bells (1:55)
18. Bob Dylan - Here Comes Santa Claus (2:35)
19. Arrogant Worms - Christmas In Ignace (2:13)
20. Jethro Tull - Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow (3:37)
21. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (2:53)

Goodbye Leopold sing backwards carols for Rob da Bank at his Festive Festival Hangover party

Ian Anderson interview: 'I swapped £30,000 guitar for a £30 flute'

And performing "A Christmas song" during their A Little Light Music tour in Mannheim, Germany in 1992

 Carole King & James Taylor - "You've Got a Friend" - at Boston Strong

Been waiting for an excuse to post these two vids first 

The Springfields, 'Down and Out' - 1963 film

 and - The Springfields singing 'Maracabamba' - 1963

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy It Feels Like Christmas Time

 See you all next year - Frogs - XX

Friday, 29 November 2013

In The Window - 71 - Playlist

In The Window - 71 - Give Him A Flower

        01 Arthur Brown - Give him a flower (3:01)
        02 Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Time Captives (8:19)
        03 Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Gypsy (9:14)
        04 Dagmar Krause - Song of a German Mother (2:26)
        05 Dagmar Krause - Surabaya Johnny (2:47)
        06 Dagmar Krause- It's Been Night In Here For Years (1:17)
        07 DJ Tadpole - Radio 4 - FOOC : Mussolini's Gay Island (5:50)
        08 Slapp Happy & Henry Cow - Some Questions About Hats (1:43)
        09 Slapp Happy & Henry Cow - A Worm Is At Work (1:55)
        10 Slapp Happy & Henry Cow - The Owl (2:15)
        11 Slapp Happy & Henry Cow - Apes in Capes (2:10)
        12 Gryphon - The Devil And The Farmer's Wife (1:04)
        13 Gryphon - Sir Gavin Grimbold (1:22)
        14 Gryphon - Touch And Go (1:22)
        15 Gryphon - Something Wicked This Way Comes (10:10)
        16 Magma - Mekanik Kommandoh (4:29)

Arthur Brown
Fire 1968

FIRE 2013 (Audience Recording)

 Nightmare - from 1968 film "The Committee" by Peter Sykes

Dagmar Krause


"It's Been Night In Here For Years" 

Henry Cow

  Beautiful as the Moon
(yes it is Dagmar Krause)

"Juniper Suite" (Live at the Reunion London 2009)

 "Emehntehtt-Re" (2010 at the Freakshow Festival)

Friday, 22 November 2013

In The Window - 70 - Playlist

In The Window - 70 - Buffo Replaced
01. Noel Coward - There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner (3:26)
02. Sundowner - We Drift Eternal (3:00)
03. The Wild - There's a Darkness (but There's also a Light) (4:06)
04. Skin & Bones - Pot Smoker (3:04)
05. Hellsongs - Animal Army (4:25)
06. The Feelies - The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness (5:09)
07. Zazi - Harvey (3:18)
08. Tadpole - Christmas Island (5:40)
09. Here and Now - This Time (4:44)
10. Rectal Smegma - Cillit Gangbang (1:24)
11. Pink Martini - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (3:19)
12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito (2:59)
13. Jimmy Buffett - Somethin' 'Bout a Boat (2:44)
14. Bill Callahan - Small Plane (3:56)
15. Spiritual Front - Eucharist of Sodomy (5:19)


Noel Coward sings "Nina" on Live TV - 10/22/1955


Not the Here & Now I wanted which was

Tadpole's Feature
British Hydrogen Bomb Detonated Above Christmas Island - 1957

Christmas Island: In search of Britain's nuclear legacy
By John Pickford
In 1957, the British military began conducting nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean and based themselves on Christmas Island. The tests ended six years later and parts of the island were sealed off for decades. What signs are left of its dramatic history?  The searing east wind blows and the ocean swell booms ceaselessly on the reef, like a distant train in a tunnel. There is a ruined church of coral rock close by. An inscription, etched in cement, invites Church Notices. Who pinned up the last one and what did it say?  Christmas Island has gone through a lot of change. It is now part of the Oceanic state of Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) with a capital in distant Tarawa, a day's flight away via Fiji. And it has a new name, Kiritimati.  The people of Kiribati, formerly the Gilbert Islands, have difficulty pronouncing the letter S. So Christmas becomes Kritmat, and then Kiritimati - a new name is born.
Most significant is the increase in the human population, now approaching 10,000. There are more vehicles today than there were people in 1958.  Concerns have been raised about the island's carrying capacity due to its unreliable water supply, but the Kiribati government has continued to encourage resettlement from overcrowded Tarawa. Some fear this poses a 21st Century threat to Christmas Island's environment.  There are new schools, a bank and even a small hospital. I spoke to a tired looking doctor, the island's obstetrician. How many babies in a week? "Oh not many, about 10," she says. That is 500 in a year.
But for others connected with this island, time has stood still. Trevor Butler, now 75, went out aged 20 as a sapper with the Royal Engineers.  After his return he developed a cataract in his right eye and for much of his life he has been trying, and failing, to get compensation from the Ministry of Defence for what he alleges was harmful exposure to radiation during his military service. He is a vigorous, determined man and still fascinated by the island. Before my departure he asked me if I would see if there was anything left of the structures he had helped build during his time there.
A few weeks later I am on Kiritimati in a lorry heading south. To my left is the deep blue of the ocean and to my right mile after mile of salt-bush scrub, a rich green after recent rain. The road is remarkably good, considering it is 50 years old. Then I remember Trevor telling me they added cement to the tarmacadam to help it set.  I am with William from the Wildlife Department and we are driving to the remote south-east tip of the island, once ominously called the Forward Zone. It was high in the atmosphere over this area or just offshore that the bombs were detonated, and for decades it was sealed off.  William traps feral cats out here because they are a threat to the sea bird colonies and he says he has seen something I might find interesting.
We have driven fast for two hours - this is the biggest coral atoll on earth - but now slow to a walking pace.  It is the birds. Sooty terns. Tens of thousands of them, in the air and on the ground. A glorious, teeming, deafening cacophony. Did they really explode an atom bomb over this? Well they did, and there must have been a moment after the flash when there was silence.  William stops the lorry and we begin walking into the scrub. It is taller than we are so it is like entering a maze.  What we are looking for has something to do with the giant tethers that were constructed for a couple of the atom bombs which were suspended from balloons and detonated, rather than dropped as air bursts from planes.
The sun is setting and I am beginning to get worried we are lost, when William calls out: "Here!"  It is a massive slab of concrete about 50 metres square with huge rusted steel rings set into it. In the middle there are six bigger rings close together.  I suddenly think of Trevor with his shovel, stripped to the waist in his army shorts like in the photos he showed me.  There was a major clean-up of remaining military debris in 2006 but this looks unmovable. The thing is so extraordinary and in some respects so bizarre in that wild, bleak place that you cannot help but be impressed.   You wonder what a visitor from space might make of it or an archaeologist in 500 years with no knowledge of our civilisation. You would have to explain so much: that there was something called a Cold War going on and a once great imperial power was struggling to keep up.