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In The Window #XX Playlist

Glasonbury Fayre June 1971
The Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out (20:00)
Daevid Allen & Gong - Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash And Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory (23:00)

The Widow Players - In The Window

Glasonbury Fayre June 1971
Marc Bolan - Sunken Rags
David Bowie - Supermen
Glastonbury Fayre

Acts included: Hawkwind, Traffic, Melanie, David Bowie, Joan Baez and Fairport Convention.
Attendance: estimated at 12,000.
Price: Free 

I have to say I don't approve of the present Glastonbury it was reinstated as a distraction from the real FREE Summer Solstice Festival at Stonehenge, as a true gathering of the tribe it was declared illegal and a 4 mile exclusion zone was set up at the solstice.

For a full history of “the battle of bean field” go to The reason given was”damage to the site” when in fact the real damage is the fucking road they built THROUGH the site – the heel stone the focus of the ritual is now on the other side of the road from the stone circle – imagine the out cry if a bus lane was routed through St Paul's Cathedral!

History of the battles for Stonehenge.

Kim Sabido of ITN delivered this commentary,which was removed when the evening news bulletin was broadcast .

"What we've witnessed in the last half hour here has been surely some of the most brutal action by the police forces in Britain for a long time, whatever the causes the end product seemed to be just hitting out wildly by the police .Young women with babies in their arms were hit as well. 

A memory of Stonehenge :-

I'd taken my eldest daughter Selene to the Stonehenge festival, she was about two and a half and we had just arrived when we met my friend Neil and he told us about a guru he had found, and insisted we come and listen to him. So I went along with Selene to the marquee this "Guru" was using, It was a really hot summer so Selene was just wearing a tee-shirt to protect her from the sun.

Any way we sat in the front row and this so called Guru rambled on for a while and then he came over to Selene and said "And what do you think of it all little girl", Selene didn't say any thing she just stood up walked to the tent entrance, and then squatted down and did a huge shit right there in the entrance to the marque and then stood up and walked off.

It was hillarious - perfect timing and a perfect comment on this twat's sermon.

Anywho enough of that on with the blog.

The Edgar Broughton Band

When I was a young frog, 14 or 15 just out of the pond I went to a festival at Wealy and saw The Edgar Broughton Band for the first time.

It was about 4 o'clock in the morning and virtually all the hippy's had crashed out in their tents wreaked from all the gear they had done, when The Edgar Broughton Band came on to do their set.

They did "Out Demons Out" and I saw a sight that I will remember for the rest of my life. They didn't just wake the hippy's up they got them out of their tents and had them chanting along with the band and you will find this hard to believe but they where canting "WORK".

Yes a field full of stoned hippy's jumping up and down and shouting "Work, Work, Work" - I'd never seen anything like it and have not seen anything like it since.

The following pics are how Edgar looks now days

Gong At Glastonbury
...and if you were wondering who was playing in the band - so are we. How was Peter Pussydog, the Tangerine Flash in California, and how come Laurie Allen was gigging in London with Fat Harry when Gong appeared at Glastonbury? So who in their right mind would want to work out the everyday rational reason when the result is (anyway) this recording by Venux.
-- Daevid Allen, 1972
Song List
It's Only The World Said The Girl
Dexter (Electricity cut)
Fun Gods:
Ha Ha
Name Game
Toe Cake
Awe Mantram
John Peel's Judgement
Divine Mother
Radio Gnome (Explosion)
Bambolay (Ya Sunne, wicked ole target)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tadpole takes over & Frogs is out to lunch

 In The Window #14

Sammee - Had to puke (3:22)
Rebekah Vinelli - Ravens Love To Sing (4:11)
Carolyn Burnett Collab 80s-Barclaybunch (2:47)

Tadpole's Feature (Remakes) (39:22)
1. David (Jones) Bowie - Dig Everything (2:48)
2. David Bowie - I Dig Everything (4:52)
3. The Kinks - You Really Got Me (2:18)
4. Ray Davies & Metallica - 05 You Really Got Me (2:17)
5. Hayseed Dixie - 02 Bohemian Rhapsody (3:40)
6. Bad News - Bohemian Rapsidy (3:38)
7. William Shatner Bohemian Rhapsody (feat. John Wetton) (5:39)
8. Dusty Springfield - Take Another Piece Of My Heart (2:38)
9. Nancy Sinatra - Bang, Bang (2:41)
10. The White Stripes - Jolene (3:55)
11. Gwyneth Herbert - Rock n' Roll Suicide (3:40)

Kelly Montoya - I don't know what it means to be a wizard ukulele version (3:21)
Origami Horses - Love as a N Death (1:59)
Hey, i'm Sammee. nice to meet you all!! ☼
Soundcloud is a great place to share feelings in form of sounds & music. And this is my little personal spot on the cloud to push my heart into air & ear. Enjoy what you hear. All of the sounds are produced by me and my small equipment. When i'm using samples, i'll let you know. I'm still in the period of learning how to master things and how to push the noises to that tasty being, which let you ejaculate.
I love what I do. And theres a wide range of what I like to do. No clear rail to roll on.
Music is a thing of pure self-expression to me. Sometimes hard, sometimes melancholic, sometimes rough and sometimes alcoholic *hicks* Maybe smooth, maybe strange, maybe stooped, maybe in change, but always with a touch of heart, or a lack of...
There are so many genres and ways how to style, and I'm up to explore them by time.
If your up to comment, please go ahead. I appreciate every word from you and love to read what you think, and special hugs to you if you feeling forced to download.
Peace and joy to you all out there. May the force of music be with you!
Yours, Sammee
Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. What one thinks of themselves, that is which determines, or rather indicates, ones fate" - Henry David Thoreau- Slightly altered by me as one originally was "he", but sshhhh, don't say a word, secretly women also like to determine their fate ;)
Hello friends :))
To some it seems like I've taken a rabbit trail for a bit with some fun dance songs, and love songs...but don't let it fool ya :)
I still want to sing about God's love for us!l! Yes, I believe its true... :)))
Having a great time here with new friends on this wonderful cloud !!!
Love to sing....write lyrics, arrange vocals....and I love great music of all kinds.
Getting valuable help from some wonderful people and learning more all the time. I'm very grateful.!!! :)
I will get back off and on to some of my acoustic originals and scripture to music here. Sending my love and appreciation to all the people I've met who also share their music and encouragement for one another. :) Special love to all my collaborators !!! :)))
Thank you for listening :)
and...yes..Jesus loves you! :)))
Blessings! :)
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REMIX's - - Thank you everyone who has done a remix or is working on one! For space reasons mixes will be found in the group where you can check out the composers and their marvelous works:
I Am Coming Round - Vocals Remix Group - thank you ... Carolyn :)
Its been a lot of fun and I love all the remixes. thank you ... :)
Anther Remix Group for original song "Your Love and Mercy" can be found here: Your Love And Mercy Set Me Free - Remix Group - Thank You - Carolyn
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