Friday, 30 March 2012

BrainSong #F

BrainSong - Playlist F

Mega Zit - The BrainSong part 0F
Bill And Ben - Nuts

So not much to say about that then - the Nuts track really is NUTS.

My next fact article for is out on Wednesday.

Managed to crack a rib plugging in my new record deck - only me!

Oh and I did an interview that you can read at

lets see if I can find any graphics to brighten this up a bit - oh here's some of my tapestry


Saturday, 24 March 2012

In The Window #20

 In The Window #20 - Playlist

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Memoir (2:57)
The Unthanks - Out Of The Blue (4:10)

Featured Artist - Ellie Makes Music
Ellie Makes Music
        Arms Distance (3:51)
        Home (3:20)
        I Am Not What I Am (3:01)
        Mocking Bird (2:31)

Uncle Buffo's Comedy Spot
John Finnemore (The Now Show) - Militant Secularism (6:01)

Featured Artist - Ellie Makes Music
Ellie Makes Music
        Speak (3:52)
        Strength of your Arms (5:20)
        The City (4:27)
        The Lights (3:32)

The Hobbits - Strawberry Children (3:09)
Anarchy Steering Committee - I Think My Teletubbie is Gay (1:13)
Moondog - Be A Hobo (0:53)

 Ellie Makes Music
 18 years old singer-songwriter from Cardiff

Ellie was 17 last time she was on the show and is the first artist to make a repeat apperance.  Go to youtube to see her in action (well sitting and playing) catch her version of "the beast" and go to soundcloud for more of her songs as well as some great covers, many down loadable.  Hay Ellie why not make them all downloadable for those of us who can't get enough :-)


Maplins had a USB powered phonograph or as I believe the 'hip kids' are calling them a record player.   It's been at least 15 years since I had one, so I am now converting the vinyl to mp3's , the radio show will now get even strangler than 'normal', I've just done a future show with only Yoko Ono tracks :-}
I'm presently copying "Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy" a truly horrible album - so bad it's almost good, not as bad as ether of the  William Shatner albums though lol.  I got this album from the first job I had 40 years ago !!!

I managed to crack a rib trying to reach the line socket at the back of the computer, it was hidden by the monitor plug and I rested my FULL weight on the top of the case and felt it crack - my rib not the case
 Well better get this on line as I'm a day late already.