Friday, 27 July 2012

In The Window #26 - Crazy Old Bat

 In The Window #26  - Playlist
Crazy Old Bat

George Melly                           - (I Wanna) Hot Dog                  (3:01)
Chad Vangaalen and Xiu Xiu    - Nothing Is Impossible          (1:43)
Krokodil                                    - Talking World War Blues        (4:42)

Crazy Old Bat -
        WIth S2a (?)    - Bring Me in to Land                (5:11)
                                - Half a System                           (6:50)
        Cerealman       - Human Connection                 (5:05)

Kevin Coyne            - Marjory Razorblade                (1:46)
Tom Jones               - Bad As Me                               (3:33)

Buffo's Comedy Spot
Quentin Crisp           - An Evening With [1 of 6]      (15:46)

Dixie Chicks             - Pink Toenails                         (3:24)
Quintessence           - Ganga Mai                             (3:54)
Spirit                        - Freakout_Frog                        (1:47)

Crazy Old Bat

Quentin Crisp

I try not to do the hero thing but he was wandering around with long hair dyed scarlet and wearing sandals to show off his painted toenails in the 1930's – 19 fucking 30's when women weren't going out looking like that – now that's what I call a real man :-)

Quentin is one of the three Holy Gurus of Bearism

(see "My Religion" page link on the right)

The first Alternative Queen's Message by Quentin is at :-

The whole of "An Evening With Quentin Crisp" can be downloaded FREE at

Thursday, 26 July 2012

For StarshipSofa


If you have come here from the sofa this is my blog where I publish the playlists for my show "In The Window" drop in and give us a listen none of the other dj's are any where near as bad as me

love you all Frogs